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Strawberry Dream

A unique blend of Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream best known for its outgoing, uplifting high


About Strawberry Dream

Combining the strains Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Dream is a sweet sativa-dominant cannabis strain with euphoric effects.

Strawberry Dream's mint-colored buds are quite dense, and the entire surface of each of these attractive flowers is dotted with fine yellow pistils and an array of shimmering trichomes.

When Strawberry Dream is smoked or vaporized, you can expect this strain to have a vanilla and strawberry taste that is intriguing and delicious, and the scent of this unique strain is earthy and smells somewhat fruity and sweet.

Cannabis lovers who have tried Strawberry Dream have remarked that this strain brings a high that is invigorating and sociable, making it perfect for patients who medicate throughout the day.