Strawberry Durban Diesel

A complex sativa-dominant hybrid strain said to bring total euphoria and a sociable buzz


About Strawberry Durban Diesel

A strain developed by Loud Seeds, the uplifting sativa-dominant strain Strawberry Durban Diesel is composed of genetics from Durban Poison, Original Loud, and Strawberry Cough.

Flowers of Strawberry Durban Diesel give off a diesel-like aroma due to the strain's Diesel heritage, but when this strain is vaporized or smoked it take on a more spicy strawberry flavor that is quite interesting.

Those who have had the fortune of trying Strawberry Durban Diesel report that this unique cannabis strain provides an invigorating cerebral buzz that brings a sociable affect and satisfying euphoria.

Strawberry Durban Diesel's flowers have been described as lumpy and forest green in color, and their surfaces are entirely coated in sparkling whitish trichomes and patches of furry orange pistils.

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