Strawberry Satori

A sweet strain with a floral aroma, this sativa-dominant strain crosses Strawberry Cough with Satori
About Strawberry Satori

The mostly sativa hybrid Strawberry Satori was parented by unique parent strains Strawberry Cough and Satori and is said to bring about a calm, soothing buzz.

Strawberry Satori's aroma is enticing, fruity, and somewhat musky, but when this strain is smoked (or vaporized) you are likely to notice the strain's strawberry and lavender flavor.

Buds of Strawberry Satori are long and they have a desaturated forest green color, and each one of them has a furry layer of brownish pistils mixed in amongst a coat of shimmering trichomes.

Allegedly, Strawberry Satori was created to be a relaxing, calming cannabis strain with cerebral effects that are blissful.

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