Sugar Cookie

A powerfully invigorating strain that combines Sensi Star, Crystal Gale, and Blue Hawaiian with a sugar cookie flavor
About Sugar Cookie

The shockingly sweet cannabis strain Sugar Cookie is a complex indica-dominant hybrid that was parented by the unique strains Blue Hawaiian, Sensi Star, and Crystal Gale.

Sugar Cookie's ultra sticky, resinous flowers have a desaturated pine green color, and every round bud is encased in a sparkling layer of trichomes and deep tangerine pistils.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have had the fortune of trying Sugar Cookie report that its effects with a stimulating, invigorating, euphoric buzz that becomes significantly more relaxing as the high continues.

The flavor of Sugar Cookie is just like what it sounds like—buttery, doughy, sweet, and with a hint of vanilla—and the scent of this cannabis strain smells sweet and somewhat like coffee.

1 Review
4 months ago
Sugar Cookie is a strong Indica Dominant strain with dense frosty bright green buds covered by dark brown hairs and a bright crystal resin layer. Patients will feel very relaxed as the high wraps the user with a care free blanket that slowly takes the user into a sleepy and lazy stage. Sugar Cookie has a delicious sweet buttery cookie smell with a tasty warm vanilla roasted coffee taste.
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