Sugar Pine

A sugary sweet pine-scented sativa-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Skunk, Afghani, Sugar Bush, and Sweetie
About Sugar Pine

A complex combination of Sugar Bush, Sweetie, Afghani, and Skunk genetics, Sugar Pine is a sweet and blissful sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Sugar Pine's buds' aroma mixes together notes of pine, diesel, and intriguing spice, and the flavor of Sugar Pine has a flavor that blends pine, hash, and sugary sweetness.

These flowers have a pine tree-like cone shape, and each of the teal green flowers is decorated with glittering trichomes and patches of red pistils.

Effects of Sugar Pine are rumored to be largely cerebral, as this cannabis strain delivers a creative and uplifting high.

1 Review
6 months ago
Sugar Pine is a hard to find Sativa Dominant strain with frosty dark green colored buds with a few dark orange hairs covered by a sandy resin layer. Patients will feel a pleasant tingly body and cerebral buzz that feeds the user with creativity and a strong "happy feeling" state that goes for hours. Sugar Pine has a strong piney/eucalyptus smell and a sweet pine taste.
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