Sunset Sherbet


This sweet sherbet-flavored mostly indica strain crosses Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies together

About Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a primarily indica hybrid strain that was derived from Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties and is said to provide a soothing physical and mental high.

Flowers of this strain are dense, spade-shaped, and they have a seaweed green hue that is lightened by a translucent, sparkling coat of trichomes intermixed with patches of sunset-colored pistils.

Sunset Sherbet's effects are physically and mentally superbly relaxing, and the cerebral side of this strain brings an uplifted, creativity-inducing buzz.

The flavor of Sunset Sherbet is simultaneously minty and fruity, which gives this strain its berry smoothie taste, and the scent of this cannabis strain is similarly fruity.

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