Super Blue Dream

Super Silver Haze was crossed with Blue Dream to create this incredibly relaxing and uplifting cannabis strain
About Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream is a clear combination of the incredibly popular cannabis strains Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze.

This strain's flowers give off a uniquely earthy sour blueberry aroma, and once this strain is vaporized or smoked it gives off a much sweeter blueberry and citrus flavor.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have experienced Super Blue Dream note that this strain delivers a high that is both stupendously euphoric and deeply physically and mentally relaxing.

Super Blue Dream buds are extremely dense, each spade-shaped moss green flower is individually encased in a sparkling cloak of trichomes and individual thick orange pistils.

1 Review
4 months ago
Super Blue Dream buds are large and dense covered by crystal clear sticky resin. Its' effect will deliver a powerful cerebral high to the user, taking over the brain very quickly as the user becomes focus while the body stays calm and compose. Super Blue Dream smells and taste like Blueberry Lemon Tar.
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