Super Cat Piss

A somewhat rare indica-dominant strain that is thought to be a backcross of the unique strain Cat Piss
About Super Cat Piss

The interestingly-named strain Super Cat Piss is a unique indica-dominant hybrid strain thought to be a backcross of the original Cat Piss.

Lucky cannabis patients who have been fortunate enough to sample this strain have described its high as fabulously sociable and thoroughly uplifting, which makes it suitable for a daytime or evening medication.

Much like its name, Super Cat Piss buds give off an intense chemical-like scent, but the flavor of this unique strain combines notes of bitter coffee and sweet and sour lemon.

Super Cat Piss buds have a bright yellow-green hue, and each leafy bud is covered with glittering trichomes and an array of deep reddish brown pistils.

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