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Super Lemon OG

This sugary sweet sativa-dominant strain provides a euphoric, uplifting high


About Super Lemon OG

A development of DNA Genetics, Super Lemon OG is a delectable sativa-dominant cross of Captain Krypt OG and Super Lemon Haze said to bring a motivating, stimulating high.

Flowers of this award-winning strain give off a unique diesel and peppery spice scent, and once this strain is smoked or vaporized it takes on an intriguing lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine flavor.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have tried Super Lemon OG report that this strain provides an energizing, stimulating high that brings a sense of cerebral euphoria.

Super Lemon OG buds are oversized and quite fluffy, each leafy green calyx is coated with sparkling trichomes and smaller patches of tangerine pistils.