Super Silver Lights

A superbly relaxing indica-dominant child of esteemed parents Super Silver Haze and Northern Lights #5
About Super Silver Lights

Super Silver Lights is a super relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created when the particularly popular strains Northern Lights #5 and Super Silver Haze were bred together.

Due to this strain's euphoric Super Silver Haze parent, this bud provides a high that is purely blissful, meanwhile, the physical side of this strain tends to completely relax and sedate its user.

Expect for the scent of Super Silver Lights to have a strong menthol-like scent with a subdued earthy twist, and when this strain is smoked or vaporized it is said to have a herbaceous sweet mint flavor.

Super Silver Light's flowers tend to be quite lumpy, but each of these dense irregularly-shaped flowers possesses a fine dust of trichomes and thick patches of fiery pistils.

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