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One super sticky indica-dominant strain perfect for novice and experienced users


About Superglue

Seedism Seeds developed the soothing indica-dominant hybrid strain Superglue, which combines Northern Lights and Afghani cannabis strains to create a strain known for its dense and cone-shaped chunky buds.

This strain has a sweet and syrupy piney scent and earthy caramel flavor. Its summer forest green buds are covered with orange pistils and sparkling trichomes.

Superglue is known for its relaxing and social effects, and is a favored strain amongst growers due to the high yield and quality it produces. Growers will notice that she produces massive colas that should be properly ventilated with fresh air and fans to prevent mold and other growing issues. Despite the large yield, Superglue emits a relatively low odor during flowering, making it suitable for those who want to grow on the down low.