Sweet Dreams

A completely relaxing buzz comes from this mysterious hybrid strain
About Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a balanced hybrid strain with a very mysterious past that is said to provide a totally relaxing and dreamy high.

Flowers of this rare cannabis strain tend to have a deep ocean green hue that is muddled slightly by the coat of translucent trichomes and fine orange pistils that cover these buds.

Expect Sweet Dreams buds to have a skunky aroma and once you smoke or vaporize this strain you'll notice it's sour lemon and earthy diesel flavor.

Cannabis lovers who have tried Sweet Dreams remark that this strain delivers a relaxing high and a tingly buzz that becomes increasingly sedating over the course of this strain's high.

1 Review
2 months ago
Sweet Dreams is an Indica Dominant strain with bright green buds covered by "fire" color hairs and a dense sticky resin layer. Its' effects will have your mind feeling a bit slow and hazy as the body becomes very relaxed and a bit stoney. Sweet Dreams has a chemical berry smell with a strong earthy berry tea taste.
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