Tahoe Frostbite

This skunky, fruity mostly sativa flower was bred from Tahoe OG Kush and Frostbite
About Tahoe Frostbite

Tahoe Frostbite is a somewhat rare mostly sativa strain that is believed to be a combination of Frostbite and Tahoe OG Kush.

Allegedly, the effects of Tahoe Frostbite are largely cerebral, as it brings effects that uplift and calm the mind, providing a sociable, creative high.

Leafy buds of Tahoe Frostbite have a deep violet and light emerald hue, and each loose calyx is covered in a layer of golden trichomes and reddish pistils.

Flowers of this strain have a wine-like fruity aroma, and once this pungent strain is vaporized or smoked these buts have a lemon, berry, and pine flavor.

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