Tahoe Hydro Champange

This relaxing sativa-dominant phenotype of the powerful cannabis strain Jesus OG brings uplifting effects
About Tahoe Hydro Champange

A phenotype of Jesus OG, Tahoe Hydro Champagne is a mostly sativa cannabis strain that was originally developed by Tahoe Hydroponic Company.

Tahoe Hydro Champagne is a cannabis strain that is exceedingly difficult to find, but those who have had it report that it has a cheesy, chemical flavor and a sweet and floral scent.

At first, Tahoe Hydro Champagne's effects are giggly, focused, euphoric, and over time they become more and more relaxing.

Each of Tahoe Hydro Champagne's flowers is fluffy and a desaturated cactus green hue, their separated calyxes each is surrounded by transparent trichomes and a glittering layer of trichomes. 

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