Tahoe Hydro OG


This super uplifting indica-dominant bud blends OG #18 and Tahoe OG genetics

About Tahoe Hydro OG

Tahoe Hydro OG is a strong, heavily indica hybrid that was created when OG #18 was crossed with the unique strain Tahoe OG.

A stimulating yet somehow relaxing buzz allegedly comes when this strain is smoked, and many patients find Tahoe Hydro OG brings a particularly euphoric high.

Tahoe Hydro OG's buds give off a sandalwood, pine, and lemon-lime flavor, and the scent of this sugary strain has a diesel-like sour and earthy scent.

The buds themselves are fluffy and a saturated cactus green hue, their bulbous buds each encircled by translucent trichomes and fine golden pistils.

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