Tangelo Kush


A juicy cross of Burmese Kush and Chemdawg, this relaxing sativa-dominant strain has soothing and uplifting effects

About Tangelo Kush

Tangelo Kush is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that allegedly combines genetics from the potent cannabis strain Chemdawg with the unique Burmese Kush.

The aroma that comes off of Tangelo Kush's buds is diesel-like, but this strain has a delightfully pungent and sweet citrus fruit flavor that is somehow unique.

Every bud of Tangelo Kush is a multicolored blend of thick tangerine-colored pistils, mint-colored fluffy calyxes, and a shiny layer of sparkling trichomes.

Cannabis fans who have tried Tangelo Kush have noted that it brings an uplifting, sociable high and a soothing physical buzz.

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