Tangerine Power

This stupendously uplifting sativa-dominant strain is the result of a cross between Agent Orange and Blue Power
About Tangerine Power

Sin City Seeds is the creator of Tangerine Power, an intense sativa-dominant hybrid strain that combines genetics from Blue Power with Agent Orange.

Tangerine Power is popular for cannabis lovers who medicate during the day, as this bud brings an energizing, euphoric, and creativity-inducing buzz.

Often, the aroma that comes from Tangerine Power's attractive buds is earthy with a burst of tangerine scent, and once smoked you can expect this strain to continue to have a citrus fruit flavor.

Each bud of Tangerine Power is long, sage green, and beautifully fluffy, and each flower's curvaceous surface is decorated with sparkling, translucent trichomes and very light red pistils.

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