The Hog

This euphoric bud gives off a powerful body buzz due to its allegedly indica-dominant genes
About The Hog

T. H. Seeds created The Hog, but not much is known about this extremely powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain's heritage.

Patients who have experienced The Hog's high report that its exceedingly uplifting and even more sedating somehow, which makes this strain ideal for relaxing in bed or on the couch.

The Hog's buds are bulbous, fluffy and each is decorated with a shimmering dust of trichomes and tucked amongst them are spots of individual orange pistils.

A subtle earthy musk comes off off The Hog's glittering buds, and once this strain is smoked you'll find it has a fragrant pine tree bark and sweet honey.

1 Review
4 months ago
One of the strongest Indica strain available, The Hog delivers a strong couch lock punch that leaves the user feeling heavily sedated and pain and stress becomes non existent, mind will become a bit slow but in a good/happy mood. Its buds are small dark bright green with a few dark brown hairs covered by a thick and sticky resin layer. The Hog has a wet dirt smell and an interesting piney/old pipe flavor.
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