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The Truth

A beautiful indica-dominant strain which brings an enlightened head high


About The Truth

True Canna Genetics is the inventor of The Truth, which is a potent yet rare indica-dominant blend of the strains SFV OG, Triangle Kush, and a backcross of Chemdawg.

The Truth can be somewhat rare to see in dispensaries, but cannabis lovers who have tried this strain love it for its deeply stimulating body buzz which brings energetic mind and body effects.

Fluffy flowers of The Truth remark that this cannabis strain has patches of glittering dew-like trichomes that cover the surface of every lime green bud amongst intermittently spaced brownish pistils.

An earthy aroma will strike you if you encounter The Truth's buds, and once this cannabis strain is vaporized or smoked it has a subtly spicy peppery taste.