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Thelonious Skunk

Thelonious Skunk

A fairly rare mostly sativa strain derived from Island Sweet Skunk and Nina Limone


About Thelonious Skunk

Thelonious Skunk was named in honor of the beloved jazz musician Thelonious Monk, and Colorado Seed Inc. created this sativa-dominant strain when Nina Limone was crossed with the tropical strain Island Sweet Skunk.

Once you sniff Thelonious Skunk's flowers you'll note that they have a slightly skunky and seductively sweet tropical scent, and if you choose to smoke this strain you'll find it's flavor to be similarly sugary.

Cannabis patients who've been able to try Thelonious Skunk have described this strain as energizing and cerebrally quite uplifting, making it suitable for daytime or evening medication.

Thelonious Skunk's flowers are dense olive green nuggets that are each covered in a crown of burnt orange pistils and shimmering trichomes.