Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix


A thoroughly sedating physical buzz comes from this indica-dominant hybrid of Deadly G and Snow Lotus

About Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix

Developed by Bodhi Seeds, Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix is a predominantly indica cannabis strain that combines the fantastic cannabis strains Snow Lotus and Deadly G, which is itself a cross of Hash Plant and G13.

Aromas of cinnamon and sugar waft from buds of Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix, and once this strain is smoked you're likely to find that it has a similarly spicy and sweet flavor.

Indica lovers are likely to enjoy the sedating, relaxing buzz that spreads through the mind and body when they use Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix.

Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix's flowers can be bright emerald or deep violet, and their calyxes are encased in a frosty cloak of trichomes and deep orange pistils.

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