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A three-way blend of Cinderella 99, Apollo 13, and Apollo 11, expect this strain to stimulate mind and body


About Trifecta

Apollo 13, Apollo 11, and Cinderella 99 came together to form this triple-crossed hybrid strain from The Brothers Grimm.

Flowers of Trifecta often have a pungent skunk that wafts from each flower, and the flavor of these buds is also quite skunky with notes of herbaceous sage, lavender, and freshly cut grass.

The buzz provided by Trifecta is said to stimulate creative thought, likely in part due to the strain's stimulating, energizing effects.

Trifecta's round flowers have a forest green hue and a perfectly dense structure, the outer layer of which is covered with a fur of orange pistils and a sparkling field of trichomes.