Truth Serum

A peppery sativa-dominant hybrid blending the potent genetics of G13, Pineapple, and Trinity


About Truth Serum

The sativa-dominant hybrid strain Truth Serum is the powerful result of a three-way combination of Pineapple, Trinity, and G13.

Truth Serum's beautiful buds give off a delectable, somewhat spicy aroma, and once this cannabis strain has been vaporized or even smoked it tends to take on a sweet citrus, pepper, and herb taste.

The flowers themselves are beautifully fluffy, each jalapeño green calyx is dotted with fiery pistils and a cloak of shimmering trichomes.

Cannabis enthusiasts who've experienced Truth Serum describe the effects of this strain as very fast-acting, delivering a completely stimulating and energizing physical and cerebral effects.

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