Derived from AK-47, this powerful sativa-dominant hybrid really rules
About Tutankhamon

Often called by its nickname King Tut, Tutankhamon is a potent sativa-dominant strain descended from AK-47 that was created by Pyramid Seeds.

Aromas of Tutankhamon tend to be floral and pungent, and the flavor of this strain expands its sweet lavender flavor.

Cone-shaped flowers of Tutankhamon tend to be a lightened pine green hue, that is somewhat covered by the strain's layer of light trichomes and orange pistils.

Fans of Tutankhamon note that this strain has a very physical high that tends to be truly stimulating, meanwhile, the cerebral side of this strain brings focus and mellow euphoria.

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3 months ago
Tutankhamon is a rare strong Sativa Dominant strain usually carrying high THC level, 28%-32%. Its buds are bright matte green/yellowish colored with patches of small dark brown hairs and a shiny trichomes layer. Users will feel a pleasant warm buzz that energizing the body and opens the mind to creativity and social interactions. Tutankhamon has a strong wet winter forest smell with a fruity tropical taste.
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