UltraViolet OG

A dreamy indica-dominant strain that blends Face Off OG with Purple Indica
About UltraViolet OG

A primarily indica-dominant hybrid, UltraViolet OG is thought to be a blend of the highly regarded cannabis strains Purple Indica and Face Off OG.

UltraViolet OG's effects are rumored to be sedating, relaxing, and overall quite dreamy, meanwhile uplifting its user's mood considerably.

Buds of UltraViolet OG are usually actually an emerald green color, and the surface of each lumpy bud is decorated with shimmering trichomes and fiery pistils.

Fragrances of sandalwood, lemon, and soil waft from UltraViolet OG's beautiful flowers, and their flavor is said to blend sage, tangerine, and honey together.

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