Valley Girl

A somewhat rare and very beautiful blend of SFV OG Kush and Face Off OG
About Valley Girl

Crossing SFV OG Kush with Face Off OG, Valley Girl is a well-balanced hybrid with a phenomenally sweet flavor.

Known for its attractive flowers, each mint green bud of Valley Girl is dense and completely coated with translucent trichomes and blood orange pistils.

Fans of Valley Girl love this strain's relaxing and profoundly sociable, uplifting effects, which are as appropriate for a kickback as they are for working on creative projects.

A sandalwood musk comes off of this strain's beautiful buzz, and the flavor produced by Valley Girl smoke is reminiscent of pine, lemon, and honey.

1 Review
6 months ago
Valley Girl is balanced Hybrid strain with small dense dark green buds covered by long brown hairs and a thin creamy trichomes layer. Users will feel the body becoming energetic and stress free as the mind becomes creative and very talkative. Valley Girl has a citric piney smell with a honey lemon tea taste.
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