A hybrid with balanced level of CBD and THC, expect this bud to bring a mellow, uplifting high
About VCDC

VCDC is a cannabis hybrid with indica features that combines the famed ACDC with Viper City OG.

Cannabis lovers who have been fortunate enough to experience VCDC remark that this cannabis strain is thoroughly uplifting cerebrally and physically mellow and soothing.

VCDC is known for its equally high levels of THC and CBD, which makes this hybrid suitable for a variety of conditions.

Flowers of VCDC are quite fluffy and tend to have a pine tree green color, and each attractive flower is individually coated with sparkling trichomes and burnt orange pistils.

In general, the aroma of these buds has been described as earthy and subtly fruity, but once this strain is vaporized or smoked it takes on its complete berry, cherry, lemon, and sweet pine aroma.

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