Vietnamese Bubba

A blend of Pre-98 Bubbba Kush and Vietnamese Black Haze, this mostly sativa strain has a one-of-a-kind flavor
About Vietnamese Bubba

Derived from the phenomenal Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Vietnamese Black Haze, Vietnamese Bubba is a primarily sativa hybrid strain that was created by Khush Khush.

Often, Vietnamese Bubba Kush is a powerfully energizing cannabis strain for some users, while others who have tried it report receiving a relaxing physical and mental buzz.

Vietnamese Bubba flowers are deep, rainforest green, and each closely clustered bud is separated by saturated orange pistils and sparkling white trichomes.

Fans of Vietnamese Bubba report that this strain has a mellow sandalwood and spice scent, and once this strain is vaporized or smoked it tends to take on a herbaceous flavor with an undercurrent of delicious dark chocolate.

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