Wally OG

A ghostly hybrid balancing Phantom OG and Ghost OG, this bud is said to give its user a soothing and functional high
About Wally OG

A child of the spooky cannabis strains Ghost OG and Phantom OG, Wally OG is a satisfyingly balanced strain known for its sociable yet soothing high.

Wally OG's fluffy flowers have a light seaweed green hue that is accented by the strain's pumpkin orange pistils, and on the surface of each flower is a glistening dew of sticky, translucent trichomes.

Fans of Wally OG have described this strain's buzz as versatile, as it delivers somewhat relaxing physical buzz and a head high that induces creative thought and brings a giggly, focusing buzz.

Aromas of Wally OG tend to be earthy and intriguingly floral, and once this strain is vaporized or smoked it has a butter and sugar flavor that somehow tastes earthy.

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