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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a delicious and delightful hybrid strain parented by sweet buds Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.


About Wedding Cake

Often called Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake is a derivative of the popular hybrid strains Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Wedding Cake is one of the many indica dominant strains. It is about 60 percent indica.

Cannabinoid Content

Wedding Cake has very low CBD content, so choose a different strain if cannabidiol is important to you. The THC content of Wedding Cake is around16 to 25 percent.


The effects of Wedding Cake can be quite variable, but this blissful hybrid tends to deliver a euphoric effect that can be quite relaxing for some users. Most users of Wedding Cake will feel extremely calm in just minutes as the "high" begins to take effect and relaxes the muscles.

The "high" associated with Wedding Cake tends to start quickly, usually beginning with the head. You will likely notice your thoughts are more intense or fast-paced. Alternatively, you may become more aware of your surroundings. Those adjustments to your thinking patterns also come with euphoria or giddiness.

The indica side will begin to kick in under an hour, giving you a pleasant heaviness in the limbs and spine and increased warmth. The stimulation to your brain will continue as this effect works its way through your body.

There may be a feeling of light pressure by the eyes, but this goes away quickly. It is soon replaced by a feeling of giddiness. You may also notice some side effects like dry eyes or cotton mouth in addition to the euphoric feeling.

Many people suffering from insomnia, depression, or pain choose to smoke Wedding Cake for relief.

The holistic effects of Wedding Cake make it a popular choice for those who want something extra while exercising, creating art, or having sex. Just complete those activities early in the "high"; after a while, you will feel locked to the couch.


The hue of the beautiful strain Wedding Cake tends to be a light, minty green intermixed with patches of purple. The clusters of peach-colored trichomes this strain produces are accompanied by a glistening layer of trichomes. That layer of trichomes is commonly described as frosty or sticky. This high concentration of trichomes leads to sticky texture and high THC levels.

The flowers of Wedding Cake are incredibly colorful and large. The nuggets are chunky and globular, adhering in the bud structure typical to indica plants and featuring leaves that curl tightly. The leaves are brown or earthy grain and feature orange pistils. Those pistils look like hairs and catch pollen from the male plants.

Aroma and Flavor

Wedding Cake's fragrance is musky with notes of warm wintery spice, and once this hybrid is smoked, you're likely to be struck by its vanilla cake and sweet cherry flavor. Properly cured buds from Wedding Cake will have a vegetal smell that is mossy and damp with hints of citrus. Under that, you can smell a hint of the skunky smell from OG Kush, which is the strain's grandparent. If you grind or break up the Wedding Cake buds, expect to catch a whiff of spicy sandalwood.

Some compare the flavor of Wedding Cake to a cake made of cookies and cream ice cream but with a hint of fruitiness. Exhaling gives you a rich and sweet taste with that creamy mouthfeel that is reminiscent of cake.

Keep in mind that the flavor of Wedding Cake can vary slightly based on the phenotype. However, all phenotypes will have a hint of creaminess in their profile with some tanginess and sourness.

Other Information to Know

Most people suggest using Wedding Cake cannabis at night.