West OG


A fairly sedating indica-dominant strain derived from popular west coast buds Chemdawg and Humboldt

About West OG

A heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid strain from the west coast, West OG combines a backcross of the fabulous Humboldt strain with Chemdawg.

Fans who have had the fortune of trying West OG describe this strain as fast-acting and fairly sedative, so be sure to use it only when you have plenty of time to relax.

The large, olive green, spade-shaped flowers that come from West OG are notoriously fluffy, and each one of them has a crown of spiraling orange pistils and a glittering cloak of trichomes.

West OG's nugs are quite pungent, though their natural, foresty musk becomes mellow, fruity, and buttery once this unique hybrid is smoked.

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