White Caramel Cookie


A somewhat rare, super sugary blend of Wookie and Purkle, this bud is a great companion for an evening off

About White Caramel Cookie

Sumo Seeds created the heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain White Caramel Cookie which is said to blend Purckle (a cross of Caramella and Purple Urkle) with Wookie (White Widow blended with Girl Scout Cookies).

Indica lovers are likely to enjoy White Caramel Cookie's thoroughly relaxing, completely sedative high, which is best utilized when you have plenty of time to chill.

As its name implied, White Caramel Cookie's flowers have a delicious vanilla and caramel flavor that is unlike any other strain, and the aroma of these flowers is somewhat like cookies coming fresh out of the oven.

Buds of White Caramel Cookie are a light mint or sage hue, each fluffy calyx tends to be accented by translucent, glittering trichomes and smaller patches of orange-red pistils.

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