White Diesel

A trichome-covered, mostly sativa child of the intensely popular hybrids White Widow and NYC Diesel
About White Diesel

A primarily sativa-dominant cannabis strain, White Diesel is the pungent daughter of famous hybrids NYC Diesel and White Widow.

As you are likely to expect, White Diesel's chartreuse flowers are completely coated with shimmering trichomes, and in between each bulbous, fluffy calyx are fine patches of light orange trichomes.

White Diesel's fans have described this strain as mostly heady, delivering a patently uplifting, functional head high and a somewhat soothing body buzz.

Due to White Diesel's NYC Diesel parent, these buds give off the pungently sour stench of dank diesel, and once smoked or vaped these beautiful buds will unleash their sweet and sour lemon flavor.

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