White Fire Alien OG

A fragrant mostly indica cannabis strain combining genetics from The White and Fire Alien Kush
About White Fire Alien OG

OG Raskal created White Fire Alien OG, a heavily indica hybrid strain that combines the powerful cannabis strains Fire Alien Kush and The White together.

White Fire Alien OG's flowers are fluffy and a delightful olive green color that is lightened considerably by each bud's cloak of iridescent trichomes and the curly orange pistils that dot each calyx.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have tried this cannabis strain report that it delivers a soothing, sedating high that tends to lead those who use it into a peaceful, happy slumber.

A scent of pungent, earthy diesel wafts from White Fire Alien OG flowers, and once this strain is smoked or vaped it takes on a flavorful honey, lemon, and pine flavor.

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