White Haze

An award-winning sativa-dominant cannabis strain derived from the original Haze
About White Haze

An award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid strain, White Haze is a derivation of Haze that was created by the Dutch White Label Seed Company.

White Haze is a favorite of sativa lovers, as this strain boasts uplifting effects and a slightly soothing yet energizing physical buzz.

Buds of White Haze are oversized, and this cannabis strain's fluffy green flowers are each encased in whitish trichomes and a sparse coat of orange pistils.

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1 Review
5 months ago
A famous Sativa Dominant strain, White Haze has small bright green buds with "fire" colored hairs covered by a creamy sticky resin layer. Its' effects will leave the user very active, so plan on doing something after smoking. Mind will very open and uplifted as the body becomes energized and motivated. White Haze has a spicy/piney taste.
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