White Siberian

A fabulously fluffy hybrid with THC and CBD that was parented by White Widow and AK-47
About White Siberian

A high THC and CBD hybrid, White Siberian is a derivation of AK-47 and White Widow that was created by esteemed breeders Dinafem Seeds.

Cannabis lovers who have tried this hybrid strain remark that it provides a high that is soothing and relaxing buzz that is also quite uplifting and functional.

Flowers of White Siberian are large, leaf green, and quite fluffy, and every one of them is encased in a dew-like cloak of trichomes and golden pistils.

The fragrance of White Siberian's flowers is sharp and piney, and if you choose to smoke this strain you'll be struck by it's slightly spicy pine and sweet mint flavor. 

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