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White Strawberry

This uplifting and fabulously fruity blend of The White and Stawberry Cough is known for its berry-flavored buds
About White Strawberry

A fragrant, fruity hybrid parented by Strawberry Cough and The White, White Strawberry is a versatile bud with terrifically soothing effects.

Some who have tried White Strawberry note that this strain can be thoroughly sedating and relaxing, while others find it mentally and physically uplifting.

White Strawberry's spade-shaped buds are a deep emerald green color and each is decorated with a dusty dew of trichomes and neon orange pistils.

Expect for White Strawberry flowers to give off a skunky pungent smell, and once this strain is vaporized or smoked it has a similarly skunky yet sweet berry flavor. 

1 Review
6 months ago
White Strawberry is a well balanced Hybrid strain with a one of a kind taste. Its' buds are frosty looking with dark green colors, covered by a few dark brown hairs and a pungent strawberry smell. Users will feel the high starting between the eyes with a light pressure as it spreads to the brain and body, leaving the user focused and motivated but as the high gets stronger, body and mind will feel stoney and hazy. White Strawberry has a strong fresh strawberry taste.
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