Photo of White Tygh Dreams

White Tygh Dreams

A rare derivation of an indica Afghani landrace strain, this Oregonian bud will bring happy sedation
About White Tygh Dreams

Derived from an allegedly indica Afghani landrace cannabis strain raised in Tygh Valley in Oregon, White Tygh Dream is a strain created by Tygh Farms.

Fans of White Tygh Dream remark that this strain is highly relaxing, and it tends to leave its patients in a somewhat sedated and completely relaxing state.

Often, White Tygh Dream's aroma is earthy and somewhat floral as it contains notes of fragrant lavender, and once you choose to smoke or vaporize this strain you'll find it has a sweet and sour citrus flavor.

White Tygh Dream can be a difficult strain to find, so please share about any experience you've had with this rare bud in the comments section below.

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