Photo of White Urkle

White Urkle

A frosty strain parented by Purple Urkle and The White, best known for bringing a stimulating buzz
About White Urkle

Created by OG Raskal Genetics, White Urkle is a fruity hybrid of The White and Purple Urkle that is well known for its relaxing buzz.

White Urkle's deep olive flowers appear whitish due to the thick cloak of trichomes that litter the surface of each bud, and tucked between this strain's chunky calyxes are fiery patches of brick red pistils.

Cannabis patients who have encountered White Urkle note that this strain brings a high that is energizing, uplifting, and overall quite stimulating.

A bright, earthy, somewhat fruity scent will greet you when you encounter White Urkle, and the flavor of this hybrid is said to be creamy and buttery with hints of fragrant pine. 

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