Photo of White Walker Kush

White Walker Kush

A beautifully frosty sativa-dominant bud that blends Skywalker and White Widow together
About White Walker Kush

Developed by DNA Genetics, White Walker Kush is a notoriously relaxing sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes from White Widow and Skywalker.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have had the fortune of sampling White Walker Kush note that this hybrid strain is powerfully relaxing and also uplifting, though some find its feelings uplifting.

Because White Walker Kush is a highly potent hybrid, novice cannabis users or those with a low tolerance for THC may find this strain's effects overpowering.

An earthy aroma of sage and mint will greet you when you encounter White Walker Kush's desaturated emerald buds, and each one is encased in a sticky coat of white trichomes.

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