Whitewalker OG

Whitewalker OG

A completely relaxing and yet blissful indica-dominant bud descended from SFV OG Kush


About Whitewalker OG

Gold Coast Collection is the creator of Whitewalker OG, a primarily indica-dominant derivation of the incredibly popular and powerful strain SFV OG Kush.

Whitewalker OG flowers have a somewhat desaturated forest green hue, and each chunky calyx is interspersed with candy corn orange pistils and a sparkling, sticky layer of trichomes along the surface.

Cannabis fans who have tried Whitewalker OG describe this strain as completely relaxing, as it provides a tingly body buzz and a simply blissful head high.

Aromas of moist earth and refreshing citrus, and if you vaporize or smoke this rare hybrid you'll find it has a bright lemon, honey, and subtle sage taste.

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