A musky, oversized, indica-dominant hybrid strain parented by Big Bud and Fucking Incredible
About WMD

A Canadian strain with indica-dominant genetics, WMD (AKA Weapons of Mass Destruction) was created when Vancouver Island Seed Company blended the rare strain Fucking Incredible and the oversized Big Bud together.

Fragrances of warm, peppery spice and musk waft from WMD's large buds, and once you smoke this hybrid you're likely to notice it has an earthy, sugary taste.

WMD buds tend to be fluffy yet somehow dense, their desaturated olive hue lightened by golden pistils and a delicate cloak of sparkling trichomes.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have been lucky enough to enjoy WMD report that this strain provides a debilitatingly relaxing physical buzz, which can be quite soothing for some users, which is coupled well with the strain's uplifting cerebral effects.

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