A rare strain named for a university in Washington, this indica-dominant strain is a spinoff of Chem


About WSU

A Washingtonian hybrid named for Washington State University, WSU is a primarily indica cannabis strain that is derived from the unique strain Chemo.

Outside of the evergreen state, it can be difficult to find WSU flowers, but those who have tried this strain report its aroma is like it's homeland's lush pine forests, and when smoked this strain takes on a rich and sweet mixed berry flavor.

WSU's high is regarded as a heavily sedating yet cerebrally euphoric one, and it is said to have soothing, even pain- or nausea-relieving effects for some patients.

Buds of WSU tend to be lumpy yet dense, and each olive green bud is individually coated with orange pistils and a glittery cloak of trichomes.

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