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Cherry Kola

Cherry Kola

This award-winning bud delivers on every level


About Cherry Kola

Cherry Kola won the 2012 San Francisco High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for "Best Indica", and if you've ever tried this gorgeous strain you won't have to wonder why.

Beautifully blending two Afghani buds, a Landrace strain from the Kandahar province and another Landrace strain from the Takhar province, Cherry Kola is a unique strain that any cannabis enthusiast would be lucky to try.

Those who have had the opportunity to use this lovely bud describe it as happily sedative, as it leaves its user in a euphoric, calm state, fully relaxing the body and mind.

Cherry Cola's sage green buds boast a layer of chunky trichomes and thin, twisting pistils, and each bud has a sparkling cherry soda aroma that you will not be able to believe.