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Chocolate Kush

This blend of two greats is perfect for dinner or dessert


About Chocolate Kush

This incredible blend of the beloved strains Chocolope and Kosher Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with potent stress relieving properties.

In tests for THC potency, this strain came up at about 20% on average, with less than 1% CBD, which means it may not be a great strain for users who are treating epilepsy symptoms, or other conditions that specifically benefit from CBD.

Where this strain really shines is in its effects, as it provides patients with a satisfyingly sedative effect that knocks out all pain in its path, while providing a mellow head effect that soothes stress and brings a calm euphoria.

Flowers of Chocolate Kush have a mix of light and dark green calyxes, and on the surface of every bud is a coating of sticky trichomes that provide this strain with its high potency and earthy, chocolatey flavor.