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A strain named for a cannabis-loving cat, you know this has got to be good


About Digweed

This indica-dominant bud is named in honor of a cat that was owned by this strain's breeders, House of the Great Gardener.

It is said that this cat loved to eat cannabis plants, thus it was given this name.

Digweed blends the delectable strain Sweet Tooth with Afghani, which gives this strain overwhelmingly sweet berry flavor and slightly chemical aroma.

Those who have tried Digweed really enjoy this strain's sociable and stimulating high, perfect for spending time with friends and loved ones, and the experience of using this strain usually finishes with a totally relaxing body buzz.

Digweed is a fast flowering plant (usually budding in 7 weeks) that produces big army green buds coated with near white trichomes and pistils.