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Durga Mata

Named for the Mother Goddess, Durga Mata is the perfect strain for newbies and connoisseurs alike


About Durga Mata

Paradise Seeds created this heavily indica-dominant hybrid out of Afghani and Himalayan parents, that is easy to grow and even easier to enjoy using. Durga Mata is enjoyed by many for her long-lasting physically stimulating sensations, as well as her sociable and uplifted cerebral side of this bud.

One of the most amazing things about the beautiful Durga Mata is her hardiness, as this plant grows quickly (usually flowering in under 8 weeks) and is able to survive many of the problems that other cannabis strains are susceptible to, such as bugs and lack of proper care.

For this reason, Durga Mata is recommended for those who are beginning to learn how to grow cannabis. These dense lavender or bright green buds have a fluffy outer layer of tangerine pistils and gorgeous trichomes.