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Ghost OG Moonshine

A blend of Ghost OG and Blue Moonshine that seems to be exactly what you need, exactly when you need it


About Ghost OG Moonshine

Ghost OG Moonshine was created by Colorado Seed Inc. and is likely a blend of Ghost OG and Blue Moonshine, though other information about this bud can be elusive.

Those who have sampled it say that this strain has a wide range of versatile effects, which can seem to change depending on what you need when you use it; Ghost OG Moonshine can be euphoric, creative, relaxing, and sedative.

Flowers of this strain produce a naturally earthy, foresty fragrance, and their flavor has a hint of refreshing mint.

Ghost OG Moonshine produces elongated spade-shaped buds, each of them individually spotted with clumps of grapefruit-colored pistils and iridescent trichomes.