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Glue Tech

Glue Tech

This indica-dominant hybrid delivers unmatched sedation and pain relief


About Glue Tech

Glue Tech is an indica-dominant strain derived from Gorilla Glue and Alien Technology. It is rumored to be capable of delivering near-narcotic levels of sedation and pain relief.


The bright green buds of Glue Tech have tested around 23 percent THC, making them potent enough for the majority of cannabis patients.


As mentioned, the buds of Glue Tech are bright green to yellowish-green. The flowers are between small and medium sizes when trimmed, although they keep their solid structure. The buds stick together with shapes resembling spades. They flare out from their broad base before tapering towards the pointed tip. The leaves are small and curl inward. You will also find curly orange hairs interspersed, which are the pistils.

On top of everything, Glue Tech buds have trichomes in a cloudy white structure. Due to the presence of the trichomes, it can be challenging to break up the flower without using a quality grinder.


Patients who have experience with Glue Tech have said that this strain is notorious for putting its patients into couch lock through the strain's pain-relieving warm body buzz. Most people who consume Glue Tech agree that it produces relaxation, euphoria, and sedation. It is particularly common for relieving pain, traumatic stress, and stress.

Those who plan to use Glue Tech should keep in mind that it may take 10 to 15 minutes before you start noticing the effects. Early on, you may see an increase in your salivation or your cheeks beginning to flush. You may also notice tingling by the temples and eyes early on.

After those early effects disappear, they make way for cognitive changes. Many people who use Glue Tech will notice changes to sensory perception, including auditory or visual distortions. Users may also feel that time seems to pass more slowly during this stage. This type of effect makes Glue Tech popular for relaxing with friends, watching a visually engaging movie, or listening to moody music.

As the psychedelic effects begin to take hold, you will also notice the physical effects of Glue Tech. This strain will likely cause your limbs to start sagging within an hour. You will notice relaxation going through you in waves, encouraging you to head home and collapse. Users at this point will want to do activities that involve almost no exertion, such as watching a movie. Eventually, couch lock will likely take hold, showing you that Glue Tech deserves the “glue” part of its name.

Glue Tech is very popular for medical cannabis users. Those who have PTSD, depression, stress, and anxiety appreciate its ability to soothe distressing thoughts. Those dealing with physical pain, whether temporary or chronic, may also notice it dulling the discomfort. Glue Tech also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it popular for headaches and nausea. Those who have insomnia also sometimes combine Glue Tech with relaxing situations to fall asleep easily.

Aroma and Flavor

Glue Tech's flowers produce a fragrance that is slightly sweet and overwhelmingly musky, with hints of a hashy aroma. When they are cured correctly, the flowers smell woodsy and robust, reminding the user of pine or cedar. Taking a second whiff will add in the smell of nearly fermented berries.

When you grind the buds, you will notice that hashy aroma with a hint of spice. That scent is reminiscent of Afghani strains, which is part of the Alien Technology’s genetics, making it a crucial part of Glue Tech’s ancestry.

Burning Glue Tech results in a palatable and smooth smoke. As you exhale, you will notice fruit and wood flavors.

What Else to Know

Because of the effects caused by consuming Glue Tech, specifically the way it slowly brings the user into a lethargic state, it is best to use it in the early evening or early afternoon when you have no plans.