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God Bud

A unique bud that produces total euphoria and total pain relief in one Godly package


About God Bud

First developed by Jordan of the Islands, God Bud is a glorious indica-dominant strain of cannabis loved for its huge buds and huge effects.

This strain combines the elusive Canadian strain "God" with Purple Skunk and Hawaiian, which give God Bud its pungent earthy aroma and the delicious tropical fruit tart flavor that this strain espouses.

Each of this strain's huge, chunky buds is an emerald hue, brightened by the fine crystal coating of trichomes that covers every leaf and calyx, entwined with short amber pistils, and generally these buds tend to have about 15-22% THC.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have been lucky enough to try God Bud remark that the strain produces intensely giggly euphoria and a pain-relieving body buzz that sedates its user completely, often leading its user to a deep sleep.